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Nobody knows your body better than you. That is why we engage in a collaborative care approach, where we work together to meet your rehabilitation goals. No matter the type of pain you are experiencing, our goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate discomfort to enhance your overall physical function. We treat conditions related to trauma, physical conditions, and sports injuries.

Through our commitment to continuing education, you can trust that the services we provide are the newest and most advanced physical therapy treatment available.

Our Services Include:

Guided Exercises

Re-structuring of Muscle

Manual Therapy

Pain Reduction


Sport Therapy

Graston Technique

Epley Maneuver

Vestibular Disorders

We Treat The

Following Conditions:


Neck Pain/Whiplash

Back Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Hand Therapy

Muscular Pain

Sports-related Injuries


Knee pain

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Personal Training

Rebound Physical Therapy offers individual training, group training and

Grastoning. The Graston Technique is a form of manual therapy known as

soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization. It is one of a number of manual therapy approaches that uses instruments with a specialized

form of massage/scraping of the skin gently.

Personal Training


One to One

 30 Minutes = $40 I 10 Sessions = $350 

45 Minutes = $55 I 10 Sessions = $500

60 Minutes = $75 I 10 Sessions = $750


Maximum 3 People

30 Minutes = $55 I 10 Sessions = $500

45 Minutes = $70 I 10 Sessions = $650

60 Minutes = $90 I 10 Sessions = $850



15 Minutes = $25 I Per Bodypart

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